Publicity and promotion that pops!

It’s great having an awesome event or function in mind, but how do you get it out there into the public domain and ensure the right people are hearing about it? Publicity and promotion for your event can be quite a daunting scenario. But don’t worry, at Popshop we make it very simple for you. How? Because we are entertainers who know the industry inside out, we have the expertise and the experience to look at an event and calculate what is needed to promote and publicise it. No matter what your budget, Popshop uses our industry relationships to get your event noticed!

On budget packages

If you have an upcoming event at your hotel or outdoor event or even a fundraiser, we can put together a package that’s on point and on budget. We will look at the demographic of who you are marketing to from social media to print or even radio and TV interviews and media buys. Let Popshop orchestrate the perfect campaign within your budget! Don’t be scared by the word ‘budget’ we can work with minimum spends to make the whole thing cost effective and affordable. With our music industry experience and because we know how to put on a good event and get the news out there, leave your publicity and promotions to Popshop!